Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Student Council Speeches

Congratulations to our students who ran for student council office this year.  Students led a campaign which included posters and advertising culminating with speeches to the student body on the 5th of October.  Speeches were commendable and students ran a very positive and competitive campaign.  Our student leaders at work!
Running for treasurer:  Robert Bartolotta, Kieran Capozzi, Jacob Dubar and Emma MacLachlan.  
Running for Secretary:  Isabella Palen and Justin West
Running for Vice President:  Anella Bolster, Brooklyn Finarty, Doryn LeClair and Ethan Spencer
Running for President:  Ava Aupperle, Bailey Ellis, Ryan Flynn, Grady Germain, Carly Hopper and Dan Mitchell.

Our 2017-2018 officers

President: Grady Germain
Vice President: Anella Bolster
Secretary: Justin West
Treasurer: Robert Bartolotta